Conical drums represent a type of packaging initially very widespread in the food industry, but with the obtaining of some approvals for transport: road (ADR), rail (RID), naval (IMDG code-IMO) and air (ICAO), of dangerous goods also A1A2/X, their presence is increasing also in the industries of chemical and oil products.

Particularly noteworthy is the characteristic of being able to be stored empty, stacked one inside the others, in restricted spaces of the warehouse. The steel, which complies with the UNI EN 1013 standard, is available in different thicknesses, adapting to the needs of the clientele also through further customizations such as: type of cover, external coating, screen printing, etc. Interior coated.

All packaging codes can also be purchased for 1 single piece (cylindrical and conical steel drums, plastic and IBC drums)

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Conical Drum


Stackable truncated cone drum in carbon steel, capacity 225 litres approximately, with movable cover and ring with lever closure, lacquered internally and externally in monochrome.