Cylindrical drum with movable cover

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Cylindrical drum to standard EN ISO 15750-1 EN209, in carbon steel, capacity 210 litres, with movable cover and ring with lever closure, unfinished internally and externally in monochrome.

Minimum Capacity 

210 Liters

Inner Diameter of the Opening

545 ± 1,5 mm (isocontainer), 571,5 + 1 -0,5 mm (normal)

Internal Body Diameter

571,5 + 1 -0,5 mm (normal and isocontainer)

Maximum Outer Diameter of the Ring

610 mm (normal), 585 mm (isocontainer)

Maximum external diameter of the body

596 mm (normale), 585 mm (isocontainer)

External Height 

880 ± 3 mm (normal and isocontainer)

Distance between the two rolling edges 

280 ± 2 mm (normal and isocontainer)

Casing Thickness

from 6/10 to 12/10 mm on request

Bases Thickness

From 8/10 to 12/10 on request


painted on request, with ring closure with external lever, coated on request 

Internal Coating

verniciato a richiesta

External coating

verniciato a richiesta


sfuso, in gabbie o su pallet a richiesta


1A2 / X e 1A2 / Y for solids and liquids according to the models