The Company

OMCE S.p.A., founded in 1955 by Amleto Rocchetti, is specialized in the production of steel and plastic packaging with experience and a product guarantee that rank it among the leading companies on the market. The initial production targeting the building industry, at the time undergoing strong expansion, was converted in 1967 into the current one. The experience gained by the company in the field of packaging, the processes and technologies developed with decisive support from human and technical resources, the methodology and the awareness leading to strict observance of safety and protection of the environment, allowed OMCE S.p.A. to establish itself in the area of steel drums, becoming primary supplier to the most representative companies.

The company, which currently operates on an area of 85,000 m², of which 26,000 indoors, has two production sites: one located on the central Adriatic coast and the other in the north of Italy. The company, with extremely versatile commercial and technical structures, meets requests for service and quality from an increasingly demanding customer base.

For over half a century Omce has been a wellestablished and dynamic company. The corporate prerogative is to anticipate further developments of the product and of its types, guaranteeing its clients the best solutions in terms of quality and safety.

The strategy and creativity have forged a tangible image of satisfaction and reliability for the customer.

The cornerstones of the system of management of the company are:

considerable environmental awareness and a scrupulous thoroughness as regards safety;

focus on customer needs;

rapid response to commercial demands;

flexibility of negotiation;

the quality of the product and logistics service, guaranteed by avant-garde technological innovations and strict controls on production processes;

correct conduct in full observance of regulatory constraints and of business codes of ethics;

professionalism and competence gained from sharing in a team system.

The real engine that drives progressive development is made up of the people who collaborate with maximum efficiency and loyalty, both at home and abroad, in this enterprise called Omce.


Quality and Safety

The commitment of the manufacturing process has been aimed, unanimously, at the achievement of a quality system in accordance with the standard ISO 9001. The certification was obtained in June 1994 and updated according to the standard ISO 9001 in May 2018.

The basis of company policy is the involvement of staff in a strong and constant action in favour of quality in every production and commercial process and therefore the awareness-raising of their suppliers so that they take up similar commitments.

All product standards (EN209, EN210 and later) and materials standards (EN 10130, EN 10131 and others according to product type) are adopted and those at the planning stage are explored. All steel drums which are approved according to the testing of the UN recommendations comply with the most recent provisions of chapter 9° and consequently the directives of RID, ADR, IMO and ICAO.

The company has recently also obtained certification for workplace safety, witnessed by the achievement of the standard according to BS OHSAS 18001. This goal was achieved in 2017.


Company policy

OMCE has set itself the main objective of becoming a leader in the Italian and European market of drums and has decided to achieve this goal by raising the quality levels of the entire business system and the consequent improvement of the final product.

The General Management undertakes to make available adequate resources in terms of personnel, suitably trained and updated, and of plants and equipment for production and control, according to market needs, customer requests, compliance with legislation and regulations. Applicable.



Safeguarding of the environment, combined in the two meanings of internal work environment and eco compatibility of its production cycles in respect of the external environment, has always been one of the priority objectives of OMCE.

After the certification of the quality system according to the standards ISO 9000, obtained in 1994, the company has recently achieved a further significant result: the implementation of the environmental management system and the obtaining of its certification according to ISO 14000 standards. This is an important result that has seen the company involved with all its structures and committed on investments with advanced technology, with the dual aim of improving the environmental impact of its activities and making its production cycles more and more reliable in respect of all stakeholders, above all our customers, employees and the community in which the company operates.